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Restaurants in Jomtien Complex

Jomtien Complex Schematic Map

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Where to find Jomtien Restaurants Jomtien Complex

Situated 4km south of Pattaya city, Jomtien Complex is easily accessible from Pattaya and Bangkok.
From Pattaya, you can get to Jomtien Complex on the main Baht Bus line for only 10 Baht.( leaves from the school at the juntion of Second Rd and South Rd in South Pattaya .)

 From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) there is a bus directly to Jomtien Bus Station which is only 200 meters away. The bus fare is 143 Baht and it takes approximately 2 hours. More information from

Jomtien Restaurants: Main Soi Jomtien Complex

In order of entering at the bottom and walking up on the left and down on the right.

The Venue Cafe & Restaurant

A newly opened addition to the Venue Residence is its Cafe and Restaurant facilities. Already getting a loyal following for its quality and reasonably priced breakfasts and Main meals ( European and Thai). Try it out. You can either sit in the Garden, By the Pool or On the terrace Currently serving food 9am-5pm. 

Full Menus Here


Divarium Bar & Restaurant

Following starting Selling food during Covid Winnie the young Thai owner has continued serving quality food with a french twist to his patrons. The weekly menu dish  is particularly good value!


The Poseiden Hotel Wine Cellar Restaurant

The High End Establishment amongst Jomtien Restaurants with really high quality food and an excellent wine selection. You can sit inside in fully air conditioned dining room or on the terrace.

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Not currently serving food.

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Really Good Quality Mid range dining with best value three course set meals from 750Bt Air conditioned dining area inside.


Dolce Vita

This is a Great German Restaurant ( despite the name ) which serves quality  German food. It has special days when different foods are included in a special deal including salad and a simple desert. Eg. Schnitzel on Thursdays & Sunday BBQ

Jomtien Restaurants off the main soi

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Dick’s Cafe

Located in a quiet area of Jomtien Complex, Dicks Cafe offers great value and has an extensive menu of European and Thai Food.

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Cafe John

A popular Small air-conditioned restaurant in a quiet area of Jomtien. Complex. Often Has daily specials written on a black board out front. Great food! 


O Delices

A French bakery and coffee shop with inside and outside seating. Serving great coffee, pastries and sandwiches in the mornings and afternoons. Best Place for your fresh Croissant!



A popular pie shop and restaurant . Eat in or take away. They have a selection of delicious western style meat and vegetarian pies. 

Other Open Air Kiosk Jomtien Restaurants

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Krua Nong Nong

Mainly for  Good Reasonable Thai food. There’s outside seating at this small kiosk restaurant. Great value food and a fully stocked bar.

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Sophia Thai

Situated in a quiet part of Jomtien Complex. Very popular for Thai priced Great Thai food. One of the best Take away jomtien restaurants

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Lovely Pizza

Pizzas here are very good value and taste great. Quick Service: Eat outside or Take away.

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Mama Berger

Great for juicy Burgers. Eat at the outside seating or take-away, Great value!

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Friendly Burgers

Great Burger Bar at the top of the Soi. Perfect for a burger on your way home.

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A Small Kiosk restaurant . Eat at the outside seating or take-away, Good value!