Jomtien Complex Gay Bars

Looking for Gay Bar Pattaya? Come to Jomtien complex Supertown The New Gay Centre of Thailand

Jomtien Complex Schematic Map

jomtien complex gay bars

Where to find Jomtien Complex for a Gay Bar Pattaya

Situated 4km south of Pattaya city, Jomtien Complex is easily accessible from Pattaya and Bangkok.
From Pattaya, you can get to Jomtien Complex on the main Baht Bus line for only 10 Baht.( leaves from the school at the juntion of Second Rd and South Rd in South Pattaya .)

 From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) there is a bus directly to Jomtien Bus Station which is only 200 meters away. The bus fare is 143 Baht and it takes approximately 2 hours. More information from

Gay Bar Pattaya List: Jomtien Complex Main Soi.

In order of entering at the bottom and walking up on the left and down on the right.

The Venue Cabaret Show Bar

The largest and  longest established Cabaret show gay bar Pattaya. 

Has shows at 22.00 on 6 nights a week ( not Tuesdays).  Beautiful Ladyboys, DragQueens and handsome male dancers perform for your pleasure. 

On Wednesday and  Friday there is an intimate Late show at Midnight around the pool. There is no cover charge for the show.

There is also a terrace and garden area where you can relax for a quiet drink. There are no hosts but the barmen and waiters; as well as the dancers sometimes after the shows; will be happy to chat.  Link to Cabaret Show Site

1JQTBarparty scaled


Currently closed 

athome scaled

@Home Bar

A  large and  long established Gay bar Pattaya. Previously particularly favoured by Ex Pats but more recently has become more of a party bar.

Has Very popular Free Bingo on Wednesday. This is as well as having many handsome Cambodian Hosts to chat with or play pool with.

1sun scaled

Sun Bar

A generally younger clientelle and quite a party place. Usually a busy bar with many  dancing staff and customers, loud music, and a crazy atmosphere. Bottled beers, spirits, wines, soft drinks and cocktails are available.

1palace scaled

The Palace Bar

A Small friendly bar run personally by an owner and great performer Tantan. The Palace has drag shows on Wednesday and Saturday. It also sometimes has a live DJ and dancing on the street. It can get very busy. . ..

1divarium scaled

Divarium Bar

Young Thai owner Winnie and his stock of very handsome staff will entertain you here A great party atmosphere especially later in the evening. Also serves good value food.

1questMk scaled

?Mark Bar

One of the original bars in the complex. Has some nice Hosts to sit and have a drink with or play pool with:

Or you could just people watch from the terrace seating. 

1cockatoo scaled

Cocka2 Bar

Not a Hosted Bar but a great place for having a drink and chat with friends. Or possibly people watching.  The staff are  very friendly, and the Owner Rob usually  sits and socialises with customers himself .

1BCbar scaled

BC Bar

A long standing  bar with friendly welcoming Hosts. B.C Bar is very popular with expats and tourists alike 

1dorothy scaled

Dorothys  Showbar

A Great Bar that has periodic live shows and has an electronic grand piano inside! Also has some very nice Hosts who will sit and entertain you.

1Doubleshot scaled

Double-Shot Bar

This bar relocated from Sunee Plaza to Jomtien Complex in 2020, It is Famous for its strong drinks and handsome Cambodian hosting staff. Most are quite macho and not gay. A good night is always found here. Good cocktails are available from the bar.

1thepoint scaled

The Point

A Great  Open air Kiosk Bar at the top of the soi serving Beer, Wine, Spirits & Soft Drinks with Hosts who will sit and drink with you 

redroom scaled

The Red Room

A Great New open air boy bar with Beer, Wine, Spirits & Soft Drinks. 


1coqtails scaled


A relatively new small bar staffed by very nice guys, Some from  Lao. A Good place for a cocktail! Also now serves reasonably priced thai food and European type snack food.

1Gayguy scaled

Guy Guy Bar

A small bar with friendly staff It also has an extensive food menu. Has a nice Terrace for people watching too.

1M2M scaled

M2M Cabaret Bar

Bar with Hosts on the terrace as well as a Cabaret show starting at 22:00 every night. Great costumes, entertaining acts with audience participation presented by Ladyboys and some handsome male dancers

14Tbar scaled

4T  Bar

A large open airy bar popular with Tourists, Thai locals and Expats alike. A great place  to sit and watch the world go by. Has some handsome hosts and a friendly Thai owner T 

lambada scaled

Lambada Bar

A cosy bar with Thai hosts to welcome you. This bar has a Caribbean like feel with Beach music Great place to relax.

1dragon scaled

Dragon Music & Dance Lounge

A Terrace with local Thai hosts to welcome you  and a cool  air conditioned interior Lounge. This bar has  a different feel from other venues. It has live DJ’s 3 nights a week  and some shows at weekends. Also if you like Tiger beer It’s the only bar with it on draught in the Soi. 

jewel scaled

Jewel Bar

A newly opened in November open air bar Has mainly  Cambodian  staff  who are happy to  to meet and greet you. 

1DodoBar scaled

Dodo’s Bar

A small Gay bar Pattaya with Dancing Shirtless Guys who would love to entertain you in the air conditioned interior.

69Bar scaled

69 Bar 

A Large Bar on the corner near the Venue. A Great place for a game of pool with some local guys or relaxing for a drink and watching the world go by.

Gay Bar Pattaya: Bars off the main soi

1BNBar scaled

BN Bar

Newly opened in June 2022. Hosted bar  Small but friendly. Some Cute Cambodian Hosts.

BarM 1 scaled

M Bar

A small bar located in a very quiet area of Jomtien Complex. just down from Zings Resort. It has an intimate  indoor seating area which is air conditioned and many friendly Hosts to take care of you.

boygaga scaled

Boy GaGa Bar

A quiet small hosted bar that has been open quite a long time Popular with the local expat community. Great for a quiet drink.

lucky scaled

Lucky Cafe 

A modern bar opened located in the quieter area of Jomtien Complex. Many Cambodian staff and a modern comfortable environment to sit and relax. 

bubu scaled

BuBu  Bar

A quiet small gay bar Pattaya. Popular particularly with Swiss expats. Great for a quiet drink.

Bongs scaled


Apart from the obvious also serves drinks and has a seating area where you can relax.

barandsong 1

Bar &Song

A new Karaoke Bar near the Venue. Unleash your talent here! And enjoy a drink with some nice local guys.

lucky scaled

Lucky Cafe 

A modern gay bar Pattaya opened located in the quieter area of Jomtien Complex. Many Cambodian staff and a modern comfortable environment to sit and relax. 

Gay Bar Pattaya -Other Open Air Kiosk Bars

Generally Run by Young Thai Guys starting out in Business so worth supporting!

angelcafe 1 scaled

The Angel Cafe

A great little kiosk Cafe/Bar owned by 22yr old Film.  Amazing coffee, smoothies and alcoholic beverages. Staff member Golf also makes very good cocktails.

1SuneeBar scaled

Sunee  Bar

A new kiosk bar with very comfortable outside seating to be shared with cute hosts who are  are ready to welcome you.

yourplace 1 scaled

Your Place

Busy bar in afternoon with comfortable seating and great quiet location. Very Personable young Thai  Barmen

meetpl scaled

Meeting Place

Busy in the afternoon and early evening, Meeting Place offers cheap drinks and is popular with local expats.

jojo scaled

JoJo Bar

Many handsome staff ready to welcome you for cheap drinks. In a quiet spot ideal for a quiet chat with friends.

momoturnBa scaled

Momo Turn Ba

New Bar just opened Nice staff and well stocked with different drink

Swingcafe scaled

Swing Bar 

New Enterprise by handsome Thai guy ready to welcome you for cheap drinks. In a quiet location at the entrance to the complex.

20230418 211829 scaled

Smile Bar

New Bar just opened at the top of the main soi. Very friendly; Nice Hosts.

MiniBaR scaled

Mini Bar

A new small bar located in a very quiet area of Jomtien Complex. It is already gaining popularity and has some regulars