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Chiang Mai Gay Bars

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Chiang Mai has a number of gay bars centered around the Night Bazaar. There are Two bars that have a cabaret show 6ixcret Bar and Ram Bar. Both have shows 7 nights a week and are located in the Night Bazaar area. There were also a number of smaller bars that are good places to have a  beer sit  relax and chat but many have closed during covid. Be warned also  most of the bars close around  midnight. and there are no late-night gay dance clubs.  After midnight most Gay visitors head to  SangDee a gay friendly nightclub or the Ram Bar. Favourites amongst the Chiang Mai Gay Bars 

Chiang Mai Gay Bars

In order of entering Charoenprathet Soi 6 and walking Westwards

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The Ram Bar Cabaret Show Bar

A  large and  long established Cabaret show bar near the entrance of soi 6. Has nightly shows with great costumes Drag Queens and Ladyboys 

Shows at 21.30, 22.30, & 00.30 Closes at 2 am 

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Orion Bar

A small friendly Gay bar on Soi 6  with reasonable generous drinks and  a great atmosphere!

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6Ixcret Show Bar

A really good show situated in the actual bazaar area  Ladyboys and Dragqueens Show  21.30 until Midnight Free Entry but must buy two drinks.

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Chiang Mai 19 Bar

A small friendly Gay bar on Soi 6   Near 6Ixcret in the night bazaar area.

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Adams Apple GoGo Bar

Not located in the same area as the rest of the  Chiang Mai Gay Bars The  Adam’s Apple Club is one of Thailand’s longest running Gay Go-Go Club and on of the best known Show Bars in Chiang Mai. The club is located on Viangbua Road in Chiang Mai’s Chang Puek district to the north of the city

According to my research alot of the previously popular Chiang Mai Gay Bars appear to have closed permanently during covid such as Jacky's, Pandee, Station One, Oxzeed, Garden Bar, Secrets Bar and Blackdoor Bar. Please message me if you have any information to the contrary or know of any new gay bars opening in Chiang Mai